The GOAT needs to be in a GATE

The GOAT debate rages on every year in whatever sport you’d like. MJ vs LeBron, Bonds vs Babe, Brady vs Manning, Nicklaus vs Tiger, Messi vs Ronaldo and Gretzky vs Lemieux. It is almost impossible to settle these debates because of different times, different eras, and different rules. I propose we as sports fans put the GOAT out to pasture.(pun totally intended.)

We as sports fans love our Acronyms, so instead of the GOAT we can say that these athletes are GATE(Greatest Athlete This Era). so players like LeBron, Messi Trout, Ovechkin, and Brady get their due for their era of dominance. As weird as saying GATE would sound versus saying GOAT, I am all for calling the best in each sport the GATE keepers. Because in the end that is what they are doing, they are keeping their sport relevant for that era, are the face of those leagues for that era, and they will eventually be immortalized for their dominance in their respective sports. GOAT debate can rage on and is a fun debate, GATE shows changing of the guard and encapsulates that persons greatness for their time. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Written by Torry Anderson 02.20.2021

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