The Backfiring of Feminism

Men in women's sports...I don't mean coaches or trainers or agents or owners: I'm talking REAL men in women's sports! Men who are born biologically, a male. Men who have decided by some ridiculous notion that they want to be a woman. Talk about demonic and absurd both at the same time. They are not heroes nor heroines. They are lost and confused.

I'm talking about men who are SO insecure and scared that they would rather beat up on women instead of having the balls (literally and figuratively), to face someone of their own gender. How lame and pathetic is a man that he feels like he can only win something by competing against a woman?! A man like this has NO self-confidence and lacks good judgment and common sense. There has to have been something so very sick and vile that happened to a man in his life or childhood to cause him to make such a life altering decision like this. This is not normal!

There is no way that a woman can beat a man in most any sport 99.9% of the time. There is that slight chance and it has happened, but not much. The obvious reason is the physical make up which portrays the strength and mind set that is much stronger from a male then it is from a female. Genetically, it's nearly impossible for a woman to beat a man in pretty much every sport. The physics just make it that way. In most games or bouts, it's not even competitive.

Now, let's talk about the professional teams and organizations who allow this: The MMA is allowing men who identify as women to get in the ring and actually fight biologically, born women. ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!! Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea?! Women who have trained extremely hard for years to get to where they're at and then to have a man who identifies as a woman; all the while organizations are allowing men to do so, is completely just knocking women down (no pun intended); because women can't physically keep up with men in most sports and fighting being just one of them. There are hormonal differences that do not allow the two genders to be physically equal. That's a fact and that's science!!

There are other sports where women are breaking into men's sports and I personally don't believe it should be.The NFL and NBA are also allowing women to coach and referee. Personally, I think women should stick to women's jobs and men should stick to men's jobs. There should not be men working in a women's prison or coaching women's teams and there should not be women working in a men's prison or coaching men's teams. There are just certain jobs that were created for men and there are certain jobs that were created for women and both genders should stay in their gender lanes.

These organizations have no shame. They allow this nonsense and foolishness because it's all about money and the more money they make, the more they want. They have a lust and a greed for power, which is very sinful. They don't care who they hurt or destroy. If it sells, then they're gonna put it out there! Somewhere along the way, common sense, good judgment, integrity and character have to come into play. Morals and ethics along with principles and dignity would bring so much more honor and respect then the dollar bill would.

So, that being said...both sides play a part and are equally selfish. I just don't understand how someone could not have enough of a conscience to stand up and speak out against the RIDICULOUSNESS of these decisions being made, all for fame and fortune. A man wants to be a woman and because of his obvious state of confusion, he can now not only play women's sports, but he can also go into women's bathrooms: and they can do this while your little girl and my little girl are in the bathroom themselves! The people who allow this are as sick and twisted as the people who want to do this!!

Women have fought for years for equality and liberation and this will do nothing but set them back. Everything they have worked for these past many years and have accomplished through blood, sweat, and tears has now been flushed down the toilet, because some guy can't seem to find his way in life and wants to go to the other side. He can't deal with being who God created him to be. This whole deal is a joke and these organizations need to put a stop to it: as well as those wannabe women who should keep their balls instead of allowing them to be cut off.

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