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Another Super Bowl played out. Another Super Bowl win by Tom Brady AKA...The G.O.A.T. So what's new? He's done this for so long and so many times that we almost forget how special what he's doing really is. He not only has defied football logic, but he is actually winning against father time (if there is such a thing). Now, we all know that at some point in time, he won't be able to play any more or any longer. He will slow down and that is inevitable because change is inevitable and the one thing that we can't change. Time and change are two things we have no control over or can't do anything about.

He holds so many records, but the major one being Super Bowl wins. He has a 70% winning percentage in super bowls, winning 7 out of 10. That is astonishing in itself! He literally has more super bowls by himself then any franchise in the NFL. He is actually a franchise within himself!

He didn't do this all by himself though as he did in years past with the New England Patriots. He has a great defense and it will probably be the number one defense in the league next season; and he has a great offense, which will also probably be the number one offense in the league next season. If they can keep everyone there, they will be the team to beat next season and I'm already predicting that they will win the Super Bowl next year also.

This game was an annihilation! A beat down! It wasn't even close at any point of the game on either side of the ball. Tampa Bay went up-and-down the field as if they were playing a JV team from high school. Kansas City could do absolutely nothing with the ball and Tampa Bay did anything and everything they wanted with the ball. In fact, the only thing they did unsuccessfully was not being able to score from the 1 yd. line on their second possession, where Kansas City stopped them in the first quarter. Other than that, they were truly dominant in this game on both sides of the ball. It wasn't even a good game to watch if you're a football fan unless you're a Tampa Bay fan. I'm sure Kansas City fans were cringing at the thought of losing and especially losing the way they did. Kansas City will be back next year, but I'm not sure that they will ever make a Super Bowl again. Making it to a super bowl is hard enough, but winning one is even harder. There will be a few more teams out there who will be playing for the AFC spot in the Super Bowl and it will be a much tougher road for Kansas City next season then it was this season. Buffalo, Tennessee and Baltimore just to name a few, will all be improving.

Tampa Bay had a great game plan on both sides of the ball and not only did it give them a championship, but it absolutely exploited Kansas City's weaknesses. It showed that the Chiefs have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball to become better and repeat champions; as well as Mahomes has a long way to go to even be close to what Brady has become. The Chiefs didn't know what hit them. They almost looked lackadaisical, like they didn't have any confidence going into the game. Maybe they were too confident or over confident; or maybe they were just facing that man: Tom Brady..The G.O.A.T. Whatever it was, it wasn't much of a game nor was it very competitive. The Chiefs didn't even look like they were in the same ballpark or should have been in the same league as the Buccaneers. They were completely outplayed on all sides of the ball as well as outcoached. And not only were they out played and out coached, but they were out everything as far as football goes. Tampa Bay completely picked Kansas City apart and dominated them like Patrick Mahomes was Tom Brady's kid (get it...because a kid is what a baby goat is called). It was almost as if the goat was letting the kid know that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon and that the championship still runs through him: at least for now. This was a complete polar opposite game from the regular season game when Kansas City destroyed Tampa Bay in their own home. It seems as though Tampa Bay got the last laugh and won the game that was most important.

The start of the season, my Super Bowl picks were Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay and I actually picked Kansas City to win it. But then, as the season ended and the playoffs began, I changed my AFC pick to Buffalo, but I also changed my Super Bowl winner to Tampa Bay. Now, it ended up being the 2 teams I had initially picked at the beginning of the season, but my Super Bowl winner changed at the end of the season. I just saw something in Tampa Bay and then when they signed Tom Brady, I knew that they were a lock to win it; especially at home. I bet Tampa Bay to win between 1-6 points, and I knew that it would probably end up being more than that; but I didn't think that Kansas City wouldn't score a touchdown for the whole game, nor did I think that it would be a beat down like it was!

I'm gonna go ahead and put it out there that Tampa Bay will repeat and win the Super Bowl again next season. As long as they keep everyone and their team stays intact and barring injuries, they should repeat next season with no problems. They may even go undefeated next season! Brady may have another shot at not only going undefeated, but this time actually winning the Super Bowl...and winning BIG! They were already a good team, but Tom Brady made them great! They were already a winning team, but Tom Brady made them champions!!

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