Life was a Brees for Drew

First off, before we get started let me say I am not trying to diminish the accomplishments of Drew Brees career. Brees is a top 10 QB of all time and a sure-fire 1st ballot Hall of Famer. What I do question is how he was consistently immune to any form of criticism. I have my theory and a lot of it is centered around all the great things he did for the community after Katrina.

Things you never heard about Brees he only won one Super Bowl, he was only 9-9 in the playoffs, & he only made 3 conference championships. Why has he gained immunity to things like this and not had the criticism that other QB's are consistently handed when year in and year out the Saints were considered Super Bowl contenders based on him alone?

Drew Brees and the Saints no doubt invigorated an entire city when it was at its absolute lowest point. They offered hope and happiness to people that needed a distraction more than anyone else at the time. That year was magical from the very opening kickoff to the fairytale ending. From there on out though the expectations were set high and rightfully so. However, with this came an aura of untouchability and a shield from being criticized for anything on the field. We all know he was harshly criticized for what he said off the field in recent months.

Why was he never thrown to the wolves for only winning one title with the Saints? Why was he never talked about as a QB that flamed out in the playoffs? Why do we not hear any of these things? I believe in part due to Katrina and his actions for that city are part of it. The other part may be the years he played and the records he broke made titles less important to his standing. But alas, there are other all time great QB's that are consistently criticized for having only 1 title and their team is considered a Super Bowl contender year in and year out. You know I am talking of Aaron Rodgers here.

If Patrick Mahomes only wins his 1 title we most likely will hear the same stir of echoes that Rodgers receives. The whole they wasted their prime, they didn't build enough around him, the organization should have traded him. The same tired things we hear year in and year out. But again, Brees was never mentioned in this breath. Heck, even Tom Brady received a bunch of criticism his last couple years in New England. What caused this immunity to being criticized for Drew? Why did life become a Brees for him after Katrina? It is a question we can debate and I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section. Let's go Man Hour Nation, Rise Up!

Torry Anderson 3/15/2

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