Is the NFL becoming the NBA?

Today’s NFL is starting to resemble the NBA when it comes to trades, players dictating where they will go and so forth. I am all for the players using their bargaining power for this. People will argue they signed a contract, they should go where ever they get traded to, or shut up and just play. However, this is a double edged sword, as much I like this new found power for the players it sets a precedent of if I am not happy I’ll force my way out. Our favorite player becomes our mortal enemy. When (not if) Deshaun gets traded, he will become public enemy #1 in Houston even though he has respect for the city. It is all human nature for us to feel jilted by our favorite players.

But this NFL off-season has been as crazy as any in recent memory when it comes to the QB carousel. Is Russ getting traded? What’s up with Darnold? Where does Deshaun land? What domino sets this all off? Personally, it could now be Russ or Deshaun that starts the market of major shifts. These are things we typically reserve for the NBA when it comes to trades talks. I am personally for it. It is empowering for the players and it is good to fire up fan bases both positively & negatively. Do you like players having as much power as they do? Let us know in the comments section!

Torry Anderson 2/26/2021

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